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Topics covered 
in this video:

  • Setting up
  • Full-time Auto white
  • Full Auto Shooting
  • Accu-Focus
  • Super Scene Finder
  • Scene File Memory
  • White Balance
  • Audio Monitors
  • All Menu items
  • All Buttons
  • All Switches
  • Back Focus

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(Shown 1/4 full resolution)

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Getting Started with the JVC GY-DV500 Camcorder

Technology is a wonderful thing. In the year 2000, JVC blessed the video world with an amazing feat. 
A 3-chip, 1/2 inch CCD professional camera for under five grand. The picture is beautiful, The sound is digital. This was a revolutionary device for videographers everywhere.

Revolutionary because it offered features and performance found on broadcast cameras selling for over $20,000.  JVC had even laid out the switches and buttons in the same operating positions as a Digital Betacam.  For the first time, the industrial or event videographer was presented with controls and features drastically different from the "prosumer" models--features that offered endless possibility for expanded creativity and control.

If you're spending $5000 on a camera with the feature of cameras at a much higher price, doesn't it make sense to learn how to use them? 

After shooting an entire feature length movie with the DV500 (SECRET MESSAGES, Roo Productions), we knew this camera inside and out, and receive hundreds of request for tips we learned during the production of the movie. This video is the result.

In 40 minutes, we pack a detailed explanation of every switch, every button, and every menu item into a tight, fast moving video. You'll definitely want your finger on the pause button, because we don't slow down too much. That's the great thing about video is you can rewind and review any areas that you missed the first time.

We also cover in detail features like the SUPER SCENE FINDER, ACCU-FOCUS, and the FULL TIME AUTO WHITE mode, and how it works with the WHITE BALANCE MEMORY. If you haven't yet purchased a camera, and are thinking about the DV500, this video is the best brochure you can get, and will definitely let you know if you're making the right choice.

Our 'through-the-lens' shooting technique on this video lets you see exactly what the operator would see in the viewfinder, so there's no doubt as to what to expect. If you'd like this through-the-lens capability yourself, we offer the plans below.

If you own this camera, or are still just looking, this is one $30 well spent.

JVC GY-DV500 Monitor Viewfinder PLANS

These plans let you output your JVC Viewfinder image to a monitor, including zebra image, safe area, audio levels, etc... Click for more info.
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