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Topics covered 
in this video:

  • The DV Format
  • Types of Tape
  • SP vs. LP
  • 12-bit vs. 16-bit
  • Types of Camera
  • Basic Shooting
  • Lighting Considerations
  • Getting good Audio
  • Memory Cards
  • The Backlight button
  • Manual Focus
  • ND Filter
  • White Balance
  • Manual Audio
  • Index Marks
  • Exposure modes
  • Editing
  • ...and more

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Getting Started with Digital Video Camcorders

It seems like everything is going 'digital' these days, and video is no exception. With the proliferation of Digital Video Camcorders, even the neophyte videographer can obtain professional quality results. "Broadcast" video, which used to require a five figure investment to achieve, can now be had for under $1000. As with any new technology, however, there is an art and a science to understanding how DV works, and a trip to your local electronics store can present you with an alarming array of choices.

That's where we come in. This concise video doesn't contain a lot of fluff, or incomprehensible jargon. Instead, we take you through the types of tape, the types of cameras, and the audio and video formats you need to be aware of to make the right choice about your digital video investments. If you've already bought your digital video camera, this tape is an indispensable way of getting to know the ins and outs of this exciting format.

Will owners manuals can sometimes be complex and difficult to understand, we make it easy. You won't find any complex technical descriptions here, but simple, easy to understand explanations as to what your camera is capable of. What's the difference between 1-chip and 3-chip? Do you need 12-bit or 16-bit audio? What is the real difference between LP recording, and SP? We present the answers to you in our tried-and-true method of clear narration combined with actual video demonstrations and on screen point-by-point summaries.

Finally, we don't just tell you how something is done, we show you how it's done, and offer you visual examples of complex topics like White Balancing, Memory Stick Usage, Backlight mode, and more. Click on the video to the left to watch a preview, and order your copy today by clicking below.

Copyright (c) 2003,2004 Roo Productions. All rights reserved