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Topics covered 
in this video:

  • Scripting
  • Budgeting
  • Scheduling
  • Finding Crew
  • Casting
  • Equipment
  • Lighting
  • Sound recording
  • Shooting video
  • Editing
  • Mastering
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Getting Started with DV Filmmaking
How we made the feature movie SECRET MESSAGES

Late 1999, Benjamin Freedman of Roo Productions came up with an idea for a script. By the end of 2000, he had written, scheduled, budgeted, shot, edited, screened and distributed the all-digital movie SECRET MESSAGES.

How did he do this? Freedman himself narrates this 45min. video detailing the step-by-step process he went through to make his dream a reality. If you're interested in Digital Video or Filmmaking, this video is for you, and you can get it bundled with the actual movie itself for a great discount.

SECRET MESSAGES was the first full-length movie project for Roo Productions, a company run by Ben Freedman. Prior to this, they'd only produced small videos for corporations. This would be the first time they'd ever attempted such a large scale project - and with no 'corporate money' backing them up. 


In this video, Ben Freedman, the director of SECRET MESSAGES, talks directly to you about the step-by-step process of putting this movie together from writing the treatment, to the premiere screening at the end of the post-production process. You'll see how he went about organizing the cast, crew, locations and props for the movie, as well as rehearsing, shooting, and editing.

Watch footage taken during the actual editing process, while the film was still being completed. You'll see the ups and downs of editing the movie, and the problem that need resolving, such as removing noise from the soundtrack.

Just how is shooting digitally different than film? David Jon Devoucoux is one of several of the technical crew of the movie that agreed to interviews. Find out their thoughts on the new format, and it's strengths.

We are currently offering our 'Director's Bundle', which consists of not on the tutorial on Digital Filmmaking, but also includes the actual feature "SECRET MESSAGES" too. That way, you can watch the movie, and then see the process that brought it to life.

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