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Topics covered 
in this video:
  • Equipment Requirements
  • Video Hardware
  • Installing Premiere
  • Premiere Settings
  • Capturing Video
  • Batch Capture
  • Using the Timeline
  • Adding Transitions
  • Adding Music
  • Adding Titles
  • Using the Audio Mixer
  • Using the effect control
  • Using Bins
  • Exporting for the Web
  • Burning a DVD
  • Plus more...

Getting Started with
Premiere Pro 2



Note: WMV version requires Windows XP Computer or WMV-HD compatible Player
Getting Started with
Premiere Pro 2 &
The Matrox RT.X2


Note: WMV version requires Windows XP Computer or WMV-HD compatible Player
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Getting Started with Adobe Premiere Pro 2

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Thinking of getting into video editing? Or maybe you've been editing for a while.

Either way, chances are you'll come across Adobe Premiere at some point. This new version adds all kinds of features for editing digital video, mixing audio, and outputting to the web.

In this fast-paced 120 minute video, we cover everything you need to know to start making videos with Premiere. From equipment requirements, software installation, capturing, batch capturing, the timeline, adding transitions, rendering, exporting, and, of course, making a DVD. All in the clear and easy to understand manner that you've come to expect from our videos.

And another GSV first: You now have the option of a standard DVD, or a hi-def WMV-HD DVD. Enjoy the clarity of crisp, clear screen shots while watching the video on your computer or WMV compatible device in full hi-definition resolution.

At GSV, our goal is to provide you with a clear and watchable tutorial video that will get you up and running in as little amount of time as possible.

We don't pretend to be an 'A to Z' of anything we teach. There are other companies that specialize in comprehensive training for hundreds of dollars per package.

Rather, we offer a basic 'nuts and bolts' starter class. It's a great way to get up to speed without taking days or breaking the bank. Check out all our training materials at:

Our videos have won the support of companies like JVC, Matrox, The Electronic Mailbox, Studio 1 Productions, and many other companies. If you're looking for a clear-cut crash course on the basics of editing with this amazing software package, you've come to the right place. 

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